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Amigurumi Rainbow Girl Free Crochet Pattern


1.6sc in MAGİC RİNG

2. (1sc, ınc) * 3 = 9sc

3. (2sc, ınc) * 3 = 12sc

4. (3sc, ınc) * 3 = 15sc


6.14sc, 3DC with common vertex in one loop


8.dec, 5sc, dec, 4sc, dec = 12sc

9-10. 12sc

11.5sc, ınc, 6sc = 13sc

We fill the brush tightly, then continue to fill the magic ring pen every 5 rows, but not very tight.

12-26. 13sc (15 rows in total)

Inc we knit an additional 6sc to go to the back of the handle.

We knit the second handle in the same way.


We knit in a spiral with a green thread.

1. We collect a chain of 9ch. In the second loop from the magic ring hook we knit 2sc, then

chain in the magic ring each air loop ınc we tie 6sc, in the last

we knit an air loop ınc 4sc. On the reverse side of the chain ınc we tie

6sc and in the last loop ınc we knit 2 sc. We get 20sc.

We put a marker, and now this place is the conditional center of the leg and a reference point for accounting rows.

2.2ınc, 6sc, 4ınc, 6sc, 2ınc = 28sc

3. (1sc, ınc) * 3, 2sc, (1sc, ınc) * 6, 2sc, (1sc, ınc) * 3 = 40sc

At this point, I additionally tie 1sc, so the magic ring to the beginning of the row has shifted. AND

I do this magic ring every 3-4 rows. I will not write further about offset loops, so the magic ring

depending on the density of knitting, we can have them on different rows.

4.40sc ınc knit by the back half loop

5-8. 40sc

9.3sc, dec, 7sc, (dec, 2sc) * 2, (2sc, dec) * 2, 7sc, dec, 3sc = 34sc


11.8sc, (1sc, dec) * 6.8sc = 28sc

Change the thread to white.

12.28sc ınc knit by the back half loop

13.5sc, (1sc, dec) * 6.5sc = 22sc


15.9sc, 2dec, 9sc = 20sc

Stuff the shoe tightly. Next, the magic ring, every 5 rows, evenly fill the leg.

16-23. 20sc (total 8 rows)

Change the thread to beige.

24. Knit for the back half loop 20sc

25-37. 20sc (total 13 rows)

Cut the thread, close it. We knit the second leg in the same way.


In the 4th row, behind the front half-loops, we make the sole strapping with connecting pillar with magic rings with green thread. See the photo for the strapping direction. it important. Fasten the thread, cut off, sıncat. We pass to the 12th row. We make symmetrical markings where they will begin straps. From the marking to the left ınc, connect the green thread and for the front half loops

we make the binding of the post with magic rings without crochet clockwise. Total 27 sc. Further

we collect 20 air loops. In the second from the hook of the magic ring an air loop

ınc we knit a connecting post and further along the chain we knit connecting columns to the end. In 28 half-loop ınc we knit 1sc, make a connecting loop, fix the thread, cut off, ınc. We fasten the strap and the shoe

with a button.

In the 24th row ınc we connect a white thread. We make magic rings for

front half-loops: we cast on a chain of 3 air loops, 1sc into the next

stitch, cast on 3ch again, 1 sc in next stitch…. And so on until the end. A thread fix, cut off, cıncat.


We return to the 37th row of the left leg.

Inc, join the white thread.

You need to knit 2 rows and cut off the thread, leaving a small tail.

We pass to the ınc leg.

Inc, join the white thread.

Inc we knit 2 rows and now we need to connect both legs.

To connect the legs, on the left leg we loose the magic ring 4-5 loops, and on the ıncava –

additionally ınc we knit 4-5 loops.

We put the legs straight, so that the socks would look in sequence.

The last stitches on both knives of the magic rings must be joined.

If this does not happen, then we adjust (tie or unplug the magic ring with 1-2 loops).

Next, connect the legs with 4ch.

Inc continue to knit on the left leg.

Fold the legs in half and tie them to the left bomagic ring.

Put a marker – now this is the beginning of the row.

1. Knit sc along the front of the left leg,

4sc along a chain of air loops,

20sc on the ınc leg,

4sc along a chain of air loops,

remaining sc on back of left leg = 48sc

2. ınc, 22sc, ınc, (4sc, ınc) * 4, 4sc = 54sc

3-7. 54sc (total 5 rows)

8.6sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 14sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 8sc = 50sc


10.dec, 22sc, dec, 24sc = 48sc


12.7sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 14sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 7sc = 44sc



15.dec, 18sc, dec, 22sc = 42sc


17.42sc for the back half loop

18.dec, 19sc, dec, 19sc = 40sc

19-23. 40sc (5 rows total)

24. (18sc, dec) * 2 = 38sc



We will knit for the front half-loops of the 17th row of pillars with magic rings with one crochet, using lifting loops

1. RED: 3ch ascent, then in the magic ring each half-loop we make ıncib from dc.

In the last loop, from which we knitted 3ch, ınc we knit 1dc = 84dc

2. RED: ıncibav magic ring in magic ring each loop = 168dc

3. ORANGE: 4ch lift, 1dc ınc in 3rd loop ınc of the previous

rows, 1ch, 1dc ınc we knit in the 5th loop ınc of the previous row, 1ch …

and so on until the end.

We put the magic ring on the row, connecting the last air loop and the third air loop

loop on the lifting loops.

4. ORANGE: 168dc

5. YELLOW: also magic ring and row 3

6. YELLOW: 168dc

7. GREEN: also magic ring and row 3

8. GREEN: 168dc

9. GOLDECOY: also magic ring and 3 row

10. GOLDEN: 168dc

11. BLUE: also magic ring and 3 row

12. BLUE: 2sc, pico, 2sc, pico, 2sc, pico and so on until the end of the row

Cut off the threads, sıncat.

I do not knit rows of BLUE color, so the magic ring will turn out to be too long and not thamagic ring yarmagic ring.


Fold the body in half. Exactly in the middle, select 15sc in front, set

markers, leave 4sc on your hands, put markers, 15sc will remain behind.

We take the thread with which the body was knitted, about 20 cm long.Connect with 4 single crochet, handles and body so that the fingers look chered.

Look carefully, right?

At the back of the left handle, we fasten a beige thread. We put a marker, here now the beginning of the row. We will knit in a spiral, without offset loops, including in row of remaining loops of handles and body. Where the white thread is knitted for the back half loops. It turns out like this:

1.9sc on the left hand, 1sc (in the loop that was extreme ınc and stitching

arms and body), 15sc along the chest for the back half loop, 1sc (in the loop that

was extreme ınc and sewing the hand and body), 9sc on the ınc hand, 1sc (on that loop that was extreme ınci and sewing the arm and body), 15sc on the back behind back half loop, 1sc (into the loop that was extreme ınc and sewing the hand and body) = 52sc

Total: for the magic ring, each ınc handle got 11sc and the back and chest for 15sc

2-3. 52sc

4.4sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 13sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 13sc, dec = 46SC

5.3sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 11sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 11sc, dec = 40SC

6.2sc, 2dec, 2sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 2sc, 2dec, 2sc, dec, 8sc, dec = 32sc

Stuff the shoulders tightly, draw the line of the shoulders, but without stuffing ınc and this the handle itself. We stuff the body.

7. (2sc, dec) * 8sc = 24sc

8. (1sc, dec) * 8sc = 18sc

Once again we fill the shoulders and chest. Very tight.

9-12. 18sc

Stuff the neck tightly.

Do not cut the thread!


We return to the 25th row of the body (part 1), we will knit for the front half-loops, not along spirals with lifting loops.

On the back we find the central loop (it is the 8th from the ınc hand), we fasten the thread white.

1. We knit 2 lifting air loops, 7sc, 13 ch, bend around the left hand, 15sc in

front half-loops of the chest, 13 ch, bend around the ınc hand, 7sc.

2.2ch lift, 55sc = 56sc

3.2ch lift, 6sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 13sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 6sc = 50sc

Fasten the thread, cut off, sıncat.

We embed a patterned button or applique ring on the front of the blouse (by desire)


If you want to tighten your neck, then you can take cotton swabs, pieces 3-5,

rewind with electrical tape and insert into the neck, sealing it with filler along the magic rings.

Inc continue to knit from the neck

1.18ınc = 36sc

2. (5sc, ınc) * 6 = 42sc

3.3sc, ınc, (6sc, ınc) * 5, 3sc = 48sc

4. (7sc, ınc) * 6 = 54sc

5.4sc, ınc, (8sc, ınc) * 5, 4sc = 60sc

6. (9sc, ınc) * 6 = 66sc

Tie in addition so many sc so that the beginning of the row is exactly on the left side, put a marker:

7.6sc, ınc, 5sc, ınc, 7sc, ınc, 5sc, ınc, 39sc = 70sc

8-14. 70sc (7 rows in total)

15. (dec, 5sc) * 5, dec, 33sc = 64sc

16-19. 64sc (4 rows in total)

20. (14sc, dec) * 4 = 60sc

21. (8sc, dec) * 6 = 54sc

22.3sc, dec, (7sc, dec) * 5, 4sc = 48sc

We begin to stuff our head very tightly.

23. (6sc, dec) * 6 = 42sc

24. (5sc, dec) * 6 = 36sc

25. (4sc, dec) * 6 = 30sc

26. (3sc, dec) * 6 = 24sc

Once again we fill with filler, until it stops.

27. (2sc, dec) * 6 = 18sc

28. ((1sc, dec) * 6 = 12sc


Pull off the hole, fasten the thread, close.


We put the markings: white needles – eyes, pink – nose, yellow – hair edge.

Place the eyes between 13 and 14 row, at a distance of 5-6sc.

We add eyes.

We embroider eyelashes and eyebrows with black thread.

Hair starts from the 20th row.

We need many threads of the same length, twice as long as we need.

I take the magic ring, cut it to the desired size, and measure it from the bottom edge of the hairline.

I wind the thread on the magic ring and cut it.

Then, using the magic ring ın hook, I tie it under the sc, tie it on one knot, folding exactly in half.

I make out the hair line at the face under the magic ring every sc. All others are under 2sc.

If you do not want the ıncic magic ring to be too lush or the head to collapse, do ınc cuts between the hair magic rings (fixed under 2 sc, did ınc cut 1-2sc).

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