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Amigurumi Lola Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers,Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you.
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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Lola Doll Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


ch: chain.
sc: single crochet.
MR: magic ring.
inc: increase (make two single crochet stitches in
the same stitch).
dec: decrease- (crochet two stitches together
using the decrease method).
sc3tog: single crochet 3 stitches together.
sl st : slip stitch
Blo: back loops only
(…) – .. times
Repeat instructions given in parentheses.. times as


Aliza Bahar 100%cotton yarn
Skin color:05
Al joody 100% cotton yarn
(You can use your favorite yarn and its suitable
crochet hook)
Hooks: 1,5 mm , 1,75mm
Hot glue gun
plastic cover or thick cardboard for insoles the foot
Eyes size 6mm(2pcs)
Hard pastels of red color to paint the cheeks
Sewing pins
Polyester fiberfill
Tapestry needle
Copper wire
Insulting tape

(Make 2)

R1: MR (6sc) (6sts)
R2: (2sc,inc)*2 (8sts)
R3: inc,7sc (9sts)
R4: puff st,8sc (9sts)
R5: dec, 7sc (8sts)
R6:R18: 8sc (13rows) (8sts)


start with white color
8ch from the second chain
R1: 6sc, (5sc,in ch), 5sc ,inc (18sts).
R2: Inc, 5sc, 5inc, 5sc, 2inc (26sts).
R3: 26sc in BLO (26sts).
R4: 8sc, 4dec, 8sc,dec (21sts).
Cut the plastic sheet to fit the foot and put it in
your crochet foot.
R5: 8sc, (3sctog) 2 times, 7sc (18sts).
Cut about 25cm of wire, bend the wire, tape it with
adhesive tape, and glue it on the foot.
R6: 7sc, 3sctog, 7sc (15sts). stuff the foot

R7:R9:15 sc (3rows) (15sts).
change color to skin color
R10: 15 sc in BLO (15sts).
R11:R14 : 15 sc (5 rows) (15sts).
R15: 1sc,2dec,4sc,2inc,4sc (15sts).
R16: 1sc, 2inc,12sc (17sts).
R17: 9sc,2dec,4sc (15sts).
R18:R23: 15 sc (6rows) (15sts).
change color to white color
R24: 15 sc (15sts)

Join legs
hold the first leg of the doll and count
back 10 sts from the slst put a marker in
this st, this is the joining st
R1: hold the second leg 2ch,
join in the joining stitch,15sc
on the first leg, 2sc on the
chains, 15sc on the second leg,
2sc on the other side of the
chains (34sts)

R2: 34sc (34sts)
R3: 7sc,inc,16sc,inc,9sc (36sts)
R4: 36 sc (36sts)
warp the two wires together
R5: 8sc,inc,17 sc, inc,9sc (38sts)
R6: 18 sc, change the color to skin color, 20 sc
(with skin color) (38sts)
R7: 8sc,dec,17sc,dec,9sc (36sts)
R8-R9: 36 Sc (2rows) (36sts)
R10: (4sc,dec) 6 times (36sts)
R11-R12: 30sc (2rows) (30sts)
R13: (3sc,dec) 6times (24sts)
R14-R17: 24 sc (4rows) (24sts)
R18: 7 sc,inc,11sc,inc,4sc (26sts)
R19: 26sc (26sts)

Joining Hands
R1:7sc,3sc (on arm and body together),10sc,
3sc (on the other arm and body together), 3sc
R2: 7sc, 5sc on the first hand,10sc,5sc0n
the second hand,3sc (30sts)
Cut about 25 cm and bends the end of the
wire stick the wire with insulating tape and
follow the pictures.

R3: (3sc,dec) (24sts)
R4: (2sc,dec) (18sts)
R5: (1sc,dec) (12sts)

Continue crocheting the Neck
R1-R3: 12 sc (3rows) (12sts)
make an extra 7sc to reach the back,slst, and cut the yarn

R1: MR 6sc (6sts).
R2: 6 inc (12sts).
R3: (1sc, inc) 6 times (18sts).
R4: (2sc,inc) 6 times (24sts).
R5: ( 3sc,inc) 6 times (30sts).
R6: (4sc,inc) 6 times (36sts).
R7: (5sc,inc) 6 times (42sts).
R8: (6sc,inc) 6 times (48sts).
R9: (7sc,inc ) 6 times (54sts).
R10: (8sc,inc) 6 times (60sts).
R11:R23: 60sc (13 rows) (60sts).
Insert safety eyes between R19 and R20,9 stitches between.
R24: (8sc, dec) 6 times (54sts).
R25: (7sc, dec) 6 times (48sts).
R26: (6sc,dec) 6 times (42sts).
R27: (5sc,dec) 6times (36sts).
R28: (4sc,dec) 6 times (30sts).
R29: (3sc,dec) 6 times (24sts).
R30: (2sc,dec) 6 times (18sts).
R31: (1sc,dec) 6 times (12sts).
cut the yarn and leave a long tail for sewing

The eyes

The eyebrow
9 Stitches between eyebrow
Use brown embroidery thread, insert the needle
from the back of the head, Take the needle out of
the place of the first pin and insert it from the
other, repeat these two times as in the pictures.

The Nose

The Ear
make 2

MR 6hdc leaves a long tail for sewing.
Sew the ear on the head 7 stitches
between the eyes

use brown yarn
start with MR 6 sc
R1: 6 inc (12sts)
R2: (1sc, inc)6 times (18sts)
R3: (2sc, inc) 6 times (24sts)
R4: (3sc, inc) 6 times (30sts)
R5: (4sc, inc) 6 times (36sts)
R6: (5sc, inc) 6 times (42sts)
R7: (6sc, inc ) 6 times (48sts)
R8: (7sc, inc) 6 times (54sts)
R9: (8sc, inc) 6 times (60sts)
R10: (9sc, inc) 6 time (66sts)
R11 : 66 sc (66sts)
Continue crochet hair standards
-First, make the two sides and the back of the hair
12ch in the second stitch makes 11 SC, Slst in the
next3 stitch on the row repeat it 11 times.

-Second, crochet the front of the hair (4 strands)
5slst,8 ch turn in the second chain 7SC then 4slst in the
next 4stitches on the row, 8ch turn in the second
chain7sc,3slst in the next 3 stitches on the row,8chain
turn in the second chain7sc, 4slst in the next 4 stitches
on row,8ch turn in the second chain 7sc then 6slst on the
-Finally, crochet separate strands (10 strands)
16 ch turn from second chain 15 sc and cut the yarn.
make 10 strands.


Start with 16 chains
R1: from second st 15 sc (15sts)
R2: 15 inc (30sts)
R3: 30sc (30sts)
R4: (4sc, inc) 6 times (36sts)
R5:36 sc (36sts)
R6: 5sc,6ch,skip 6sts,14sc, 6ch,skip6sts, 5sc
R7:5SC, 6 sc on chains, 14sc, 6sc on chains, 5sc
R8:R12: 36sc(5rows) (36sts)
Cut the yarn
Start with white color from the back like a pic

  • every row on the shelf ends with Slst and starts
    with 1chain

R1: put 14sc (6on chains from the other side, 2 on
the two corners, 6on sts)
R2: (with pink color ) 14sc in Blo
R3: (with white color) 14sc
R4: (with pink color) 14sc
R5:( with white color ) 14sc
R6: (with pink color) 14sc
R7: (with white color) 14sc
R8:(with pink color) 14sc
R9:(with white color) 14sc
R10:(with pink color) 14sc
R11:(with white color) 14sc
Slst and cut the yarn, hide the rest of the yarn


R1: Turn from the second chain, 36 sc.
R2 :R3: 36SC (36sts)
every row from R4 ends with SLST in the first st,
R4: (5sc,inc)6 (42sts) R5: 42sc (42sts) R6: (6sc,inc)6 (48sts)
R7:R8:48sc (48sts)
R9:(7sc, inc) *6 (54sts)
R10:54sc (54sts)
R11: 2hdc in all st in BLo
Slst and cut the yarn


Using a crochet hook 1,75mm

start with white color
8ch from the second chain
R1: 6sc, (5sc,in ch), 5sc ,inc (18sts).
R2: Inc, 5sc, 5inc, 5sc, 2inc (26sts).
change color to deeppink color
R3: 26sc in BLO (26sts).
R4: 8sc, 4dec, 8sc,dec (21sts)
R5: 8sc, (3sctog) 2 times, 7sc (17sts).
R6:17sc (17sts).
R7:8sc,dec,7sc (16sts).


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