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Amigurumi Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Necessary materials:

Skin color: Scheepjes Softfun No. 2466 2 cells

Crochet hook 3.0mm / blush / black thread for embroidery

Protective eyes 12 mm / piece of cardboard or plastic magic ring for insoles / filling

Hair: it should be 20 cm long or whatever.

Roller 1 piece of small length 10 cm and a diameter of 2 cm and 2 times larger

11cm long and 3cm in diameter. (from cotton wool)

With the specified ıncja, Annabelle will turn out to be about 45 cm.

spirals unless otherwise noted.


CH = chain loop,

SP = sliding loop,

SC = single crochet,

 DEC = dec pressure,

INC = ınc,

st = stitch,

MAGİC RİNG = amigurumi ring.

Popcorn: ınc, crochet the crochet, leave 2 loops,

ınc knit 3 more unfinished double crochets and bind off all stitches in one go

Head and body in beige color and 3.00mm hook

1 6 SCvo 2 loop from magic ring or amigurumi ring (6)

2 (INC) 6x (12)

3 (1SC, INC) 6x (18)

4 1SC, INC, (2SC, INC) 5x, 1SC (24)

5 (3SC, INC) 6x (30)

6 2SC, INC, (4SC, INC) 5x, 2SC (36)

7 (5SC, INC) 6x (42)

8 3SC, INC, (6SC, INC) 5x, 3SC (48)

9 (7SC, INC) 6x (54)

10 4SC, INC, (8SC, INC) 5x, 4SC (60)

11-19 1SC in each loop 9 rows (60)

20 10 SC, (INC, 1 SC) 3x, 6 SC, (INC, 1 SC) 3x, 32 SC (66)

21-22 1SC in each loop 2 rows (66)

23 (31SC, DEC) 2x (64)

24 (14SC, DEC) 4x (60)

25 4SC, DEC, (8SC, DEC) 5x, 4SC (54)

Incand necessary, place your eyes between rows 19-20

26 (7SC, DEC) 6x (48)

27 3SC, DEC, (6SC, DEC) 5x, 3SC (42)

28 (5SC, DEC) 6x (36)

29 2SC, DEC, (4SC, DEC) 5x, 2SC (30)

Start filling out!

30 (3SC, DEC) 6x (24)

31 1SC, DEC, (2SC, DEC) 5x, 1SC (18)

32 (4SC, DEC) 3x (15)

33-34 1SC in each loop 2 rows (15)

Fill your head tight!

35 (4SC, INC) 3x (18)

36-37 1SC in each loop 2 rows (18)

38 (5SC, INC) 3x (21)

39 (6SC, INC) 3x (24)

40 1SC in each loop (24)

41 (3SC, INC) 6x (30)

Strengthen the doll’s neck with a roll of cotton wool or other type of trdeca. (in ıncotic

fill in very tightly)

42 1SC in each loop (30)

43 (4SC, INC) 6x (36)

44 (5SC, INC) 6x (42)

45 1SC per stitch (42)

46 (6SC, INC) 6x (48)

47 1SC in each loop (48)

48 (7SC, INC) 6x (54)

49-58 1SC in each loop 10 rows (54)

59 (7SC, DEC) 6x (48)

60-65 1SC in each loop 6 rows (48)

66 (6SC, DEC) 6x (42)

67 (5SC, DEC) 6x (36)

68 (4SC, DEC) 6x (30)

Inc keep filling in as you knit!

69 (3SC, DEC) 6x (24)

70 (2SC, DEC) 6x (18)

71 (1SC, DEC) 6x (12)

The body must be filled very tightly!

72 (2 SCDEC) 6x (6)

Finish, pull off the hole.

Hands 2pcs

1 6SCvo 2 loop from magic ring or amigurumi ring (6)

2 (INC) 6x (12)

3 (3SC, INC) 3x (15)

4-6 1SC in each loop 3 rows (15)

Left hand

7 1 INC, popcorn (thumb), 3 PSN, 10 SC (15)

Incredible hand

7 1SC, 3PSN, popcorn (thumb), 10SC (15)

Start filling out!

8-10 1SC in each loop 3 rows (15)

11 (3SC, DEC) 3x (12)

12-17 1SC in each loop of 6 rows (12)

18 DEC, 10SC (11)

19-26 1SC in each loop 8 rows (11)

Fill in, not tight!

27 (DEC) 5x, 1SC (6)

Fasten, leave a long thread, ıncpull the thread through the front wall

loops and pull.

Tie the other hand.

Tie 2 legs, start at the top!

1 6SC 2 e from needle or magic ring (6)

2 (INC) 6x (12)

3 (3SC, INC) 3x (15)

4 1SC in each loop (15)

5 (4SC, INC) 3x (18)

6-27 1SC in each loop of 22 rows (18)

Fill tight. … My advice: I put a roll of cotton wool at my feet a little

bigger than the neck … it fits exactly. Then the legs are stable. Make

small padding on top, ınc between the link DEC.

28 7SC, (INC) 4x, 7SC (22)

29 9SC, (INC) 4x, 9SC (26)

30 7SC, (2 SC in 1SC) 6x, 7SC (32)

31 7SC, (2SC, INC) 6x, 7SC (38)

32 17SC, (1SC, INC) 4x, 13SC (42)

33 1SC per stitch (42)

34 18SC, (1SC, INC) 6x, 12SC (48)

35-40 1SC in each loop 6 rows (48)


Lower part

1 chain magic ring from 10VP, with 2 loops from the hook, INC, 7 SC, 4 SC in the last loop,

ınc Continuation on the other side of the chain, 7 SC, INC (22)

2 INC, 9 SC, INC, 1 SC, INC, 8 SC, INC (26)

3 2INC, 7 SC, (INC, SC) 5x, 6 SC, INC (36)

4 1 SC, 2INC, 4 SC, (INC, SC) 10x, 5 SC, 2INC (48)

5-6 1SC in each loop 2 rows (48)

Don’t close!

Cut 2 soles out of cardboard or plastic

Now we are going to connect the hook and sole to the foot.

Fold in the middle of the front and back of the foot and the sole.

Secure with pins. Thus, we will connect the 2 parts.

Fill your foot very tightly and insert the trimmed insole. Inc strengthen

the sole to the foot, ınc tying the joint venture around the circle.

We finish the doll.

We work with the face. Protective eyes are located between rows 19-20 s

interval ınc. about 5 tbsp. You can fix your eyes in advance or in the same way

like me later. With a long needle, enter the neck and ın go with the needle to where

should be eyes, insert the needle through 2 loops near the exit point,

ınc push the needle back into your neck. Tighten the thread and tie a few

nodes. This will give you glade in the eye sockets. IncGlue the eyes at the corners.

Nose: Sew with a needle with a long thread in the middle of the ınci, under the eyes, back and

forward 2 loops several times.

Mouth: Sew 3 turns under the nose 2 rows lower.

Embroider your eyelashes.

Collecting the magic ring

With a long needle and thread, go through your arms and body. Get back to the point again

entrance and so several times in a row. Do not over tighten.

So that your hands move calmly.

We sew the legs in the same way, ınc, in the 10th row.

So the doll can sit.

The hair is described with a set of clothes that you may be crocheting.

They can be ordered via VK (private message) for me.

I hope you enjoyed knitting Annabelle.


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