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Amigurumi Christmas Girl Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi KNITTING LOVERS
Today, we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. Main crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unigurumi lambs, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi bees, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi Christmas Girl Free Crochet Pattern without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;


Acrylic Weight yarn:Nako Pırlanta ( Sport),Kartopu Pofuduk,Nako Vizon


Colors: skin,red ,white,black,golden brown

2.0mm crochet hook

14mm safety eyes


tapestry or darning needle

embroidery thread (black)


stitch marker

Round and leaf shaped beads for the hat




This pattern is written in US crochet



M.R: magic ring

sc=single crochet

sl st=slip stitch

st(s) = stitch (es)

inc =increase (2 sc in one st)

dec=decrease (sc2tog)

dc=double crochet

dc inc: double crochet increase

hdc=half double crochet

hdc inc: half double crochet increase

hdc2tog: half double crochet decrease

FO=fasten off

BLO= Back Loops only

FLO= Front Loops only

( )= repeat between () number of times

indicated or all in one stitch as indicated


Fpdc:frontpost double crochet

Bpdc:backpost double crochet

Finished size is about 35cm (13.77 inch)

tall when done with using similar brand



With skin color yarn,

R 1: 6sc in M.R (6)

R 2: 6inc (12)

R 3: (1sc,inc)x6 (18)

R 4: (2sc, inc)x6 (24 )

R 5: (3sc, inc)x6 (30)

R 6: (4sc, inc)x6 (36)

R 7: (5sc, inc)x6 (42)

R 8: (6sc, inc)x6 (48)

R 9: (7sc,inc)x6 (54)

R 10: (8sc,inc)x6 (60)

R 11-21: 60sc

R 22: inc,(2sc,dec)x11,26sc (72)

Place eyes between R 21 and R 22 with about 8 sc in


R 23-31: 72sc

R 32: (10sc,dec)x6 (66)

R 33: (9sc,dec)x6 (60)

R 34:60sc

R 35:(8sc,dec)x6 (54)

R 36: (7sc, dec)x6 (48)

R 37: (6sc,dec)x6 (42)

R 38: (5sc, dec)x6 (36)

R 39: (4sc, dec)x6 (30)

R 40: (3sc, dec)x6 (24)Start stuffing the head.

R 41: (2sc, dec)x6 (18) .FO


R 1.9sc in M.R

R 2:9sc

FO.Sew the nose to the face between R 23-24 and R



R 1:9sc in M.R

R 2:2chs,8dc (9)

FO.Sew the ears to the head between R 16-22

Add eye indentations:

Insert the needle to the back of the head (this is your entry point), pull it out

next to the side of the eye. Now insert the needle on the other side of the eye

and pull it out 1sc next to your entry point at the back of the head. Make sure

the thread is hidden under the eye. Now tighten thread a little to make an

indentation and tie the knot. Repeat the same steps for the other eye.

For mouth : Insert the needle in the back of the head ,take it out between R 31

and 32.Pull thread into fourth sc and exit at back of the head tighten and knot.

Using black embroidery floss make eyebrows,eye lashes. Apply blush to the


Cut hair in desired length, fold it in half and add to the head. Add hair in

separate layers as shown in the image.


With skin color yarn,

R 1: 6sc in M.R (6)

R 2: 6inc (12)

R 3: (1sc,inc)x6 (18)

R 4: (2sc, inc)x6 (24 )

R 5: (3sc, inc)x6 (30)

R 6: (4sc, inc)x6 (36)

R 7: (5sc, inc)x6 (42)

R 8: (6sc, inc)x6 (48)

R 9: (7sc,inc)x6 (54)

R 11: (8sc ,inc)x6 (60)

R 12-22: 60sc

R 23: 8sc,dec,(3sc,dec)x5,25sc (54)

R 24: 7sc,dec, (2sc,dec)x5,25sc (48)

R 25-26: 48sc

R 27: (6sc,dec)x6(42)

R 28-33: 42sc

R 34: (5sc,dec)x6(36)

R 35: (4sc ,dec)x6 (30)

R 36: 30sc

R 37:(3sc,dec)x6(24)

R 38: 24sc

R 39: (2sc,dec)x6(18)

R 40-41: 18sc.FO. Leaving a long tail yarn for sewing


All fingers (10 pieces)

R 1: 6 sc in M.R (6)

R 2-5: 6sc

Join The Fingers :

R1:2 sc in the little finger, 3sc in the ring finger,3sc in the middle finger, 6 sc

around the index finger, 3 sc in the middle finger,3 sc in the ring finger, 4sc in the little finger (24)

R 2-3:24 sc

Add thumb to hand :

Left hand:

R 4: 13sc, crochet 3sc both from thumb finger and hand, 9sc (25)

R 5: 6sc,dec,5sc,3sc in the thumb,9sc (24),

Right hand:

R 4: 10sc, crochet 3sc both from thumb finger and hand, 12sc (25)

R 5: 5sc,dec,3sc,3sc in the thumb,12sc (24),

Continue for both hands:

R 6: 24sc

R 7: (2sc,dec)x6(18)

R 8:18sc

R 9:(7sc,dec)x2(16)

R 10:15sc

R 11:sc,inc,7sc,inc,6sc(18)

R 12: (5sc,inc)x3(21) Start filling the hand.

R 13-18:21sc

R 19: (5sc,dec)x3 (18)

R 20: (4sc,dec)x3 (15)

R 21:15sc

R 22: (4sc,inc)x3 (18)

R 23: (5sc,inc)x3 (21)

R 24-31:21sc

R 32:(5sc,dec)x3 (18) Start filling the arm.

R 33:(sc,dec)x6 (12)

R 34:12sc

R 35: 6dec(6)

FO. Leaving a long tail yarn for sewing.Sew the arms to the body.


With skin color yarn,

R1: 8chs,2sc in 2nd ch from hook, 5sc, 3sc in last ch . Working across opposite

side of foundation ch, 5sc ,3sc in next st (18)

R 2: 7sc,3inc,6sc,2inc (23)

R 3: inc ,6sc,(sc,inc)x3,6sc,(sc,inc)x2 (29)

R 4: sc,inc,6sc,(2sc,inc)x3,6sc,(2sc,inc)x4 (35)

R 5: 2sc,inc,6sc, (3sc,inc)x3,6sc, (3sc, inc)x2(41)

R 6-8:41sc

R 9:10sc, (sc,dec)x6,13sc(35)

R 10: 8sc, (sc,dec)x6,9sc(29)

R 11:29sc

R 12:(dec, sc,dec),3sc,6dec,4sc,

(dec, sc,dec) (19)

R 13:3sc,inc,11sc,inc,3sc(21)

R 14-15:21sc ,Start stuffing the


R 16:inc,20sc(22)

R 17:22sc

R 18: inc,21sc(23)

R 19-26: 23sc

R 27:4dec,15sc(19)

R 28:19sc

R 29:sc,4inc,14sc(23)

R 30:23sc

R 31: 3sc, inc,19sc(24)

R 32:24sc

R 33: 4sc, inc,19sc(25)

R 34:25sc

R 35:5sc,inc,19sc (26)

R 36-43:26sc

R 44: (11sc,dec)x2(24) Start stuffing the leg.

R 45: (2sc,dec)x6(18)

R 46: (sc,dec)x6 (12)

R 47:6dec(6).FO.

Leaving a long tail yarn for sewing.

Sew the legs to the

body as shown in the



With black color yarn,

R 1: 10 chains, 2 sc in second ch from hook,7sc, 3sc in last ch.Working across

opposite side of foundation ch, 7sc, 3sc in last ch (22)

R 2:inc,8sc,3inc,8sc,2inc(28)

R 3: inc, 5sc, 4dc, 6dc inc, 4dc, 4sc, (dc,dc inc)x2 (37)

R 4: (dc,dc inc)x2, 3sc, 7dc, 6dc inc, 7dc,6sc,inc, sc, inc,sc (47)

R 5: BLO, 47hdc

R 6-8.47hdc

R 9. 12hdc,11hdc2tog,11hdc,hdc2tog(35)

R 10. 6hdc,(hdc2tog, hdc)x8,5hdc(27)

R 11:27sc

Change to white yarn

R 12-13:27hdc.FO.


With red yarn,

Work in spiral.

R 1: 6sc in M.R (6)

R 2: (hdc, hdc inc )x3 (9)

R 3: 9hdc

R 4: (2hdc, hdc inc)x3 (12 )

R 5-6: 12hdc

R 7: (3hdc, hdc inc)x3 (15)

R 8: 15 hdc

R 9:(4hdc, hdc inc)x3 (18)

R 10:(5hdc, hdc inc)x3 (21)

R 11:21hdc

R 12:(6hdc, hdc inc)x3 (24)

R 13:24hdc

R 14: (7hdc, hdc inc)x3 (27)

R 15: (8hdc, hdc inc)x3 (30)

R 16: (9hdc, hdc inc)x3 (33)

R 17: (10hdc, hdc inc)x3 (36)

R 18: (11hdc, hdc inc)x3 (39)

R 19: (12hdc, hdc inc)x3 (42)

R 20: (6hdc, hdc inc)x6 (48)

R 21: (7hdc, hdc inc)x6 (54)

R 22: (8hdc, hdc inc)x6 (60)

R 23: (9hdc, hdc inc)x6 (66)

R 24: (10hdc, hdc inc)x6 (72)

R 25: (11hdc, hdc inc)x6 (78)

R 26: (12hdc, hdc inc)x6 (84)

R 27: (13hdc, hdc inc)x6 (90)

R 28: (14hdc, hdc inc)x6 (96)

R 29-32: 96hdc

Change to white yarn.

R 33-35:96hdc .FO

Make a pompom with a white yarn and add it to the tip of the hat as shown in the pictures.


With red yarn.,

R 1: 37chs ,hdc in 3rd ch from hook,4hdc,hdc inc (5hdc,hdc


R 2:ch,5hdc,hdc inc,( 6hdc,hdc inc)x4,6hdc,turn(45)

R 3:ch, 6hdc,7chs, skip 10hdc,

14hdc,7chs,skip 10hdc,


R 4: ( 5hdc,hdc inc)x6,turn (45)

R 5: 4chs, skip 2sts,dc in next

st, (2chs , skip 2sts,dc in next

st) repeat from *to*until the

end of the row (there must be

16 DC in total)

R 6:2chs,1dc,

1fpdc,*(2dc,2chs,2dc in same

space),1fpdc* repeat from

*to*until the end of the row ,


R 7:2chs,2dc,1 bpdc,*(2dc,2chs,2dc in same space),1bpdc* repeat from *to*until the end of the row , 2dc,turn

R 8:Repeat R 6,turn

R 9:Repeat R 7,turn

R 10:2chs, 1dc,1fpdc,(3dc,2chs,3dc in same space),1fpdc* repeat from *to*until the end of the row , 2dc,turn

R 11:2chs, 1dc,1bpdc,(3dc,2chs,3dc in same space),1bpdc* repeat from *to*until the end of the row , 2dc,turn

R 12-16:Repeat R 10 and R 11

With white color yarn(Kartopu pofuduk)

R 17:2chs,1dc,1fpdc,*3dc,2dc in space, 3dc,1fpdc,* repeat from *to*until the

end of the row , 2dc,turn.FO.


R 1:37chs ,hdc in 3rd ch from hook,4hdc,hdc inc (5hdc,hdc inc)x4,5hdc,turn(40)

R 2:5hdc, hdc inc,(6hdc, hdc inc)x4,6hdc,turn(45)

R 3:6hdc,hdc inc,(7hdc, hdc inc)x4,6hdc,turn(50)

R 4:6hdc, hdc inc,(8hdc, hdc inc)x4,7hdc,turn(55)

R 5:7hdc, hdc inc,(9hdc, hdc inc)x4,7hdc,turn(60)

R 6:7hdc, hdc inc,(10hdc, hdc inc)x4,8hdc,turn(65)

R 7:8hdc, hdc inc,(11hdc, hdc inc)x4,8hdc,turn(70)

R 8:8hdc, hdc inc,(12hdc, hdc inc)x4,9hdc(75)FO.

Use white yarn (Kartopu Pofuduk), crochet dc around

edges of cape as shown in the Picture.

Make two pompoms and add to the cape with chains as

shown in picture


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