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Amigurumi Sutlache Doll Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Sutlache Doll Free Crochet Pattern, I want to give you some information about this pattern;


  • 1 ball of YarnArt Jeans Ten : 73
  • 1 ball of YarnArt Jeans Optical White : 62
  • 1 ball of YarnArt Jeans Red : 90
  • 1 ball of YarnArt Jeans Brown : 40
  • 1 ball of YarnArt Jeans light Orange : 35
  • Dark brown, white thread for face embroidery
  • 6×8 mm oval shaped black eyes
  • Wire: Total: 35 cm going, 1st wire: 9cm, 2nd wire: 26cm
  • Hook Number 5 1.50mm
  • Fiberfill and needle
  • 1 tiny button
  • 2 red, 1 white pompoms in the size of 2 fingers.
  • Flower glue (I use it to shape eyebrows, eyes. It is optional)


Mr : Magic ring
Sc : Single Crochet
Inc : increase
Dec: Decrease
Blo : Back loop only
Flo : Front loop only
Ch : Chain
Dc : Double Crochet
Dc-İnc: Double Crochet increase
Dc-Dec: Double Crochet decrease
Hdc : Half double crochet
Slst: Slip stitch

(…)* : Make up the number in parentheses as much as the number next to the star.
For example: (1v)3 = It means it will be increased 3 times side by side. (2x,1v)6 = 2 means repeat 1 increment 6 times.
The size of yhe finished toy when using the insicated materils is about 22cm + hat

ARMS (make 2)

1. (Red) Mr 6Sc

2. 6inc (12Sc)

3-4. 2 rounds (12Sc) (Fill hands only.)

5. (2Sc, 1dec)*3 (9 Sc)

6. Change the color (White). Slst as Blo (9Sc)

7. Blo 9Sc (9Sc)

8-23. 16 rounds (9Sc) Done. Cut the rop


1. (Red) Mr, 8Sc

2. 8inc (16Sc)

3. (1Sc, 1inc)*8 (24Sc)

4-7. 4 rounds (24Sc)

8. (2Sc, 1dec)*6 (18Sc)

9. 18Sc (18Sc)

10. Change color (White), Slst as Blo (18Cc)

11. Blo 18Sc (18Sc)

12-13. 2 rounds (18Sc) Done. Cut the roop

 (Note: Do not cut the rope after knitting the 2nd leg. The body will be knitted.)


(Back of legs facing us. We will be knitting on right leg.)

1. 3Chain (connect to left leg) 18Sc, 3Sc, 18Sc, 3Sc (42Sc)

2. Put the string of signs here, 3Sc, 1inc, (6Sc, 1inc)*5, 3Sc (48Sc) (Don’t forget to sink to the

bottom of the chain first)

3. (7Sc, 1inc)*6 (54Sc) (Legs fill fiber)

4. 4Sc, inc, (8Sc, 1inc)*5, 4Sc (60Sc)

5. (9Sc, 1inc)*6 (66Sc)

6-20. 15 rounds (66Sc)

21. (9Sc, 1dec)*6 (60Sc)

22-24. 3 rounds (60Sc)

25. 4Sc, 1dec, (8Sc, 1dec)*5, 4Sc (54Sc)

26-28. 3 rounds (54Sc)

29. (7Sc, 1dec)*6 (48Sc)

30. 12Sc, 4Sc (arm), 20Sc, 4Sc (arm), 8Sc (48Sc)

31. 12Sc, 1Sc, 1dec, 2Sc, 20Sc, 2Sc, 1dec, 1Sc, 8Sc (48Sc)

32. 3Sc, 1dec, (6Sc, 1dec)*5, 3Sc (42Sc)

33. (5Sc, 1dec)*6 (36Sc)

34. 2Sc, 1dec, (4Sc, 1dec)*5, 2Sc (30Sc) (insert wire, fill fiber)

35. (3Sc, 1dec)*6 (24Sc)

36. 1Sc, 1dec, (2Sc, 1dec)*5, 1Sc (18Sc)

37. (1Sc, 1dec)*6 (12Sc)

38-48. 11 rounds (12Sc) to go straight (This overhang is 4cm. Cut off if more)


1. (Skin) Mr 6Sc

2. 6inc (12Sc)

3. (1Sc, 1inc)*6 (18Sc)

4. (2Sc, 1inc)*6 (24Sc)

5. (3Sc, 1inc)*6 (30Sc)

6. 2Sc, 1inc, (4Sc, 1inc)*5, 2Sc (36Sc)

7. (5Sc, 1inc)*6 (42Sc)

8. 3Sc, 1inc, (6Sc, 1inc)*5, 3Sc (48Sc)

9. (7Sc, 1inc)*6 (54Sc)

10. 4Sc, 1inc (8Sc, 1inc)*5, 4Sc (60Sc)

11. (9Sc, 1inc)*6 (66Sc)

12. 5Sc, 1inc, (10Sc, 1inc)*5, 5Sc (72Sc)

13. (11Sc, 1inc)*6 (78Sc)

14. 6Sc, 1inc, (12Sc, 1inc)*5, 6Sc (84Sc)

15-23. 9 rounds (84Sc)

24. 36Sc, 1 Chain, 1Sc skip, 10Sc, 1 Chain, 1Sc skip, 36Sc (82Sc)

25. 1 round (1 chain place, 1Sc to be filled) (84Sc)

26-30. 5 rounds (84Sc)

31. (5Sc,1dec)*12 (72Sc)

32.5 5Sc, 1dec, (10Sc,1dec)*5, 5Sc (66Sc) (Make eye attachment, eye and nose embroidery at the same

time. Please see pictures.)

33. (9Sc, 1dec)*6, (60Sc)

34. 4Sc, 1dec, (8Sc, 1dec)*5, 4Sc (54Sc)

35. (7Sc, 1dec)*6 (48Sc)

36. 3Sc, 1dec, (6Sc, 1dec)*5, 3Sc (42Sc)

37. (5Sc, 1dec)*6 (36Sc)

38. 2Sc, 1dec, (4Sc, 1dec)*5, 2Sc (30Sc)

39. (3Sc, 1dec)*6 (24Sc) (Filling fiber)

40. (2Sc, 1dec)*6 (18Sc)

41. (4Sc, 1dec)*3 (15Sc)

42. Blo 1 rounds (15Sc)

43-47. 5 rounds (15Sc) Done


Wrap the (skin color) 2sc thread 2 times at the places shown in the picture. It’s like making a minus
sign. Then wrap it around the rope.


Do the embroidery process according to the points shown in the picture. Use glue to give shape.


(Important Note: The hair will be sewn after the head-body connection is made)

1. (Coffee) Mr 6Sc

2. 6inc (12Sc)

3. (1Sc, 1inc)*6 (18Sc)

4. 1Sc, 1inc, (2Sc, 1inc)*5, 1Sc (24Sc)

5. (3Sc, 1inc)*6 (30Sc)

6. 2Sc, 1inc, (4Sc, 1inc)*5, 2Sc (36Sc)

Pull 60 chains. Skip 2. chains, connect with 58 Hdc, 1Sc, 1Sc . Chain 60 again and repeat the same

process 32 times. It should be 32 long hair.

Pull 25 Chain. Skip 2 chains. Connect with 23 Hdc, 1Sc, 1Sc . Chain 25 again and repeat the same

process 4 times. There should be 4 short hairs.

There are 36 hairs in total


1. (White) Mr, 6Sc

2. 6inc (12Sc)

3. (1Sc, 1inc)*6 (18Sc)

4. (2Sc, 1inc)*6 (24Sc)

5. (3Sc, 1inc)*6 (30Sc)

6. 2Sc, 1inc, (4Sc,1inc)*5, 2Sc (36Sc)

7. (5Sc, 1inc)*6 (42Sc)

8. 3Sc, 1inc, (6Sc, 1inc)*5, 3Sc (48Sc)

9. (7Sc, 1inc)*6 (54Sc)

10. 4Sc, 1inc (8Sc, 1inc)*5, 4Sc (60Sc)

11. (9Sc, 1inc)*6 (66Sc)

12. 5Sc, 1inc, (10Sc, ,1inc)*5, 5Sc (72Sc)

13. (11Sc, 1inc)*6 (78Sc)

14. 6Sc, 1inc, (12Sc, 1inc)*5, 6Sc (84Sc)

15. (13Sc, 1inc)*6 (90Sc)

16-27. 12 rounds. Combine with cc. Finished. Cut the rope

EARS OF HAT (Button sewn ear (left))

1. Jump 20x from the cue rope. start by pulling 1 chain and make 14Sc, turn

2. 1 chain, 1Sc jump, 13Sc, turn

3. 1 chain, 1Sc jump, 12Sc, turn

4. 1 chain, 1Sc jump, 11Sc, turn

5. 1 chain, 1Sc jump, 10Sc, turn

6. 1 chain, 1Sc jump, 9Sc, turn

7. 1 chain, 2Sc jump, 7Sc, turn

8. 1 chain, 2Sc jump, 5Sc Done. Cut the rope. Sew the buttons.

(Right ear)

30Sc jump

1-8. Same with the other ear.

9. 1 chain, 2Sc jump, 3Sc, turn,

10-36. 27 rounds (3Sc)

37. 1Sc, 4 chains (buttonhole), 1Sc jump, 1Sc Done.

Make Sc the circumference of the hat.


1. (Orange) We let the starting rope long. Mr, 4Sc

2. 1inc, 1Sc, 1inc 1Sc (6Sc)

3. 1inc, 2Sc, 1inc, 2Sc (8Sc)

4. 1inc, 3Sc, 1inc, 3Sc (10Sc) Done. Let the thread long and stuff the fiber and sew.



1. (Red) Mr, 4Sc

2. (1Sc, 1inc)*2 (6Sc)

3. (2Sc, 1inc)*2 (8Sc)

4. (3Sc, 1inc)*2 (10Sc)

5. (4Sc, 1inc)*2 (12Sc)

6. (5Sc, 1inc)*2 (14Sc)

7. 3Sc, 1inc, 6Sc, 1inc, 3Sc (16Sc)

8. (3Sc, 1inc)*4 (20Sc)

9. (4Sc, 1inc)*4 (24Sc)

10.(5Sc, 1inc)*4 (28Sc)

11. 28Sc (28Sc)

12. (6Sc, 1inc)*4 (32Sc)

13. 32Sc (32Sc)

14. (7Sc, 1inc)*4 (36Sc)

15-16. 2 rounds (36Sc) Done. Let the rope long.


2 finger size pompoms required. These 2 red pompoms will be attached to the hair, and 1 white

pompom will be attached to the tip of our hat


(Red) 40 chains, mark, 60 chains and finish. Cut the rope.

1. Start with the marked chain. Make 20Sc (20Sc)

2. 2 chains, turn. 20DcV (40Dc)

3. 2 chains, turn. 40DC (40DC)

4. 2 chains, turn. (3Dc, 1DcV)*10 (50Dc)

5. 2 chains, turn. 50DC (50DC)

6. 2 chains, turn. (4Dc, 1DcV)*10 (60Dc) Done. Cut the rope.

7. (White)1 chain, turn around as Sc. (60Sc)


Make 19 white and 2 red.

Letting the starting rope long, Mr, 2 chains, 5Dc.

1. Connect DC top with Slst. Cut the rope leaving it long. Glue it to the ends of the cape. Its

construction is on the @dilekshome page.


First the head is fixed, then the hair is added. Thread our tan thread into the needle, enter at the
top of the head and exit through the hole in the nape from below (do not sew the neck wall). Enter
crosswise from the neck of the body and exit through the hole under the head again and exit 1sc
side of the loop we entered. Do not connect. We do the same on the side. Detailed photos were taken.
Please review carefully. Then stretch the ropes. Don’t be too tight. Don’t be too loose. Adjust and
knot as in the picture.


Attach the needle to the top of the head and fix it. Look at the pictures. After the sewing process is
finished, separate the hair in two from the back. Put on the pom-pom.

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