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Amigurumi Puppet Mia Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi KNITTING LOVERS
Today, we share one free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. Main crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi bunny, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unigurumi lambs, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi bees, amigurumi dinosaurs, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

Today’s daily new crochet pattern Amigurumi Puppet Mia Free Crochet Pattern without amigurumi
I want to give you some information about this pattern;


sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

ch – air loop

ınc– ıncibav magic ring

dec– decаmagic ring

sl-st – connecting post

FLO – behind the front wall of the hinge

BLO – behind the back of the hinge

[……] x- repeat the magic ring the specified number of times

* – translator’s notes magic ring (these are just my guesses, not a statement)

* The author does not have a magic ring for the materials that were used.

1.Incline, colors (3 for dress), flesh (for body and hair), brown (for hair), yellow (for the jacket), light brown for the sole), pink (for shoes)

2. eyes

3. Filler

4. Thread for drawstrings

5. Buttons (beads) for the dress

6. Rubber bands / hairpins for ıncic

7. The author writes that a hinge is used for the neck, but most likely it is ıncost

magic ring, so that the head does not fall

8. Thread for eyelash embroidery

9. Tape magic ring for panties


1.6sc into ring

2. 6ınc

3.1sc, ınc (x6). 18sc

4 5.18sc

6. 3sc (dec from 3x), 14sc– (18sc).


8.DEC, (4x), 10 – (14sc)

9-17. 14sc (10 rows)

Change color

18. * RFP 14sc


20. 6sc, ınc [x2) – 16sc

21 -33 16sc (13 rows)

34.8dec = 8sc

do not cover the part

* Incconnect the thread (color of the jacket) to row 18 (ZZP) and knit

1. (6sc, ınc) x2

2-4. 16 sc



2.7ınc (14)

3.1sc, ınc (x7) 21

4.2sc, ınc (x7) (28)

5.3sc, ınc (7x) (35)

6.4sc, ınc (7x) (42)

7.5sc, ınc (7x) (49)

8-9. 49sc

10.8sc, 4ınc, 21sc, 4ınc, 12sc. (57sc)


12.18 sc, ınc (x3) (60)

13-16. 60sc.

replace with the color of the jacket

17-19. 60sc (3 rows)

20.18 sc, DEC, (x3). (57)


22.17sc, DEC (x3). (54sc)

23.16sc, DEC (x3). (51sc)

24.15sc, DEC, (x3). (48sc)

25.14sc, dec, (x3). (45sc)

26.13sc, DEC, (x3). (42sc)

27.12sc, DEC, (x3). (39sc)

28.11sc, DEC, (x3). (36sc)

29.10sc, DEC, (x3). (33sc)

30.9sc, DEC, (x3). (30sc)

31.8sc, DEC, (x3). (27sc)

32.7sc, DEC, (x3). (24sc)

Change to corporal.

33. * RFP 6sc, DEC. (x3). 21sc

34. in this row ınc join hands (* the author did not write whether it is necessary to ınc join hands or

knit into the body), 5sc, DEC, (x3). (18sc)

35-40.18sc (6th row).

41.18 ınc (36sc)

42- 47.36sc

48.4sc, DEC (5x). 30sc

49.3sc, DEC, (x6). 24sc

50.2sc, DEC, (x6), 18sc.

place the hinge (stick) in the hole, the part inside the body and the remainder –

to the neck

51.1sc, DEC, (x6). 12sc

Further decave to the end

* Incconnect the thread (sweater color) to row 33 (RFP) and knit

1. (6sc, ınc) x3

2-4. 24 sc


18ch, place around your neck and ring with a CC


2.18ınc (36sc)

3.5sc, ınc, (x6). 42sc

4.6sc, ınc, (x6). (48sc)

5.7sc, ınc, (x6). (54sc)

6.8sc, ınc, (x6). (60sc)

7.9sc, ınc, (x6). (66sc)

8.10sc, ınc, (x6), (72sc)

9, 13.72sc (5 rows)

14.10sc, DEC, (x6). (66sc)

15.9sc, DEC, (x6). (60sc)

16 -29. 60sc (14 rows)

place your eyes between rows 15 and 16. 9sc between them

30.8sc, DEC, (x6). (54sc)

31.7sc, DEC, (x6). (48sc)

32.6sc, DEC, (x6). (42sc)

33.5sc, DEC, (x6). (36sc)

34.4sc, DEC, (x6). (30sc)

35.3sc, DEC, (x6), (24sc)

36.2sc, DEC, (x6). (18sc)

37.1sc, DEC, (x6), (12sc)

Further decave to the end

* Embroider eyelashes and nose

* make a mouth-tighten


5ch in the 2nd loop from the magic ring hook, 2sc, 3 sc in 1, on the other side of the chain 3sc (10)

2.2ınc, 2sc, 3ınc, 2sc, 1ınc- (16sc)

3.1sc, ınc (x2), 2sc, 1sc, ınc (x3), 2sc, 1sc, ınc – (22sc)

4.2sc, ınc (x2), 2sc, 2sc, ınc (x3), 2sc, 2sc, ınc – (28sc)

5.3sc, ınc, (x2), 2sc, 3sc, ınc, (x3), 2sc, 3sc, ınc – (34sc)

6. (4sc, ınc, 2x) 2sc, 4sc, ınc (х3) 2sc, 4sc, ınc – (40sc)

7-10. 40sc (4 rows)

11.18sc, dec, (3sc, dec,) 2x, 10sc (37sc)

12.16sc, dec, (3sc, dec,) 2x, 9sc (34sc)

13.14sc, dec, (3sc, dec) 2x, 8sc (31sc)

14.11sc, (1sc, dec) x6, 2sc (25sc)

15.8sc, (1sc, dec) x5, 2sc (20 sc)

16-20. 20sc (5 rows).

21. RFP. 20sc

1.replace with flesh.

2 -15. 20sc

16.4sc, ınc, (4 ×), (24sc)

17 -22. 24sc

23.2sc, DEC, (x6), (18sc)

24.1sc, DEC, (x6), (12sc)


* ıncish the legs to the body

The dress


60 ch, connect in a ring with a SS

1.60 ınc (120)

2. 3 ch, ınc omit 2 loops, ss, repeat to the end of the row. (you must have

even number of loops), connect with CC

3. to the first arch from ch [ch (magic ring to dc), 3dc], then to the magic ring, each arch 4dc.

Connect with SS

4. (3 ch, sl-st in the fourth dc) x repeat to the end of the row (arches turned out)

5.repeat row 3.

I made a skirt from 3 colors. Magic ring with each color you need to repeat rows 3 and

4. Knit so that the magic ring does not reach the desired size.

1- ınc join the thread at the back of the skirt (where the first row of the skirt was connected into a ring)

8sc, dec (x6). (54 sc.)

2- 15 SCturn

3- 8.15sc rotate after magic ring of each row

9- dec, 13sc rotate

10- dec, 12sc, rotate.

11- dec 11sc, turn.

12- dec, 10sc, close

1 – fasten the thread at the back of the skirt, ınc, leaving 12sc from the connection. Knit ch loops

(as much as you need for the webbing). Twist and knit to the end of the mop,

by connecting the strap to the skirt. Secure.

Repeat for the second strap. Departing from the first strap 5sc.

ınc to sew buttons

Shoes (x2)


1.from the second loop from the hook magic ring ınc, 4sc, 3 in 1, on the other side of the chain 4sc, 1sc


2.2ınc, 4sc, (ınc.x3), 4sc, ınc. (20sc)

3. (1sc, ınc) х2,4sc, (1sc, ınc) х3, 4sc, (1sc, ınc). (26sc)

4. (2sc, ınc,) 2x, 4sc, (2sc, ınc), х3 4sc, 2sc, ınc (32sc)

5. (3sc, ınc,) 2x, 4sc, (3sc, ınc), х3, 4sc, 3sc, ınc (38sc)

6. (4sc, ınc,) 2x, 4sc, (4sc, ınc), х3, 4sc, 4sc, ınc (44p)

Change to a different color

8-9. 44sc

Change to another color


11.19sc, (dec of 3x), 6sc, (dec of 3x),

13sc (40sc)

12. (2sc, dec) 2x, 7sc, (2sc, dec) 4x, 7sc, dec


13.12 sc, 30ch, turn, 28 sc, and sl-stv base (magic ring fastener)

For the second shoe, make a clasp with the other side


front end

68 ch. Ring with SS

1-2. 68ma

3.18dc. turn

4.DEC, 14dc, dec turn (16)

5.DEC, 12 dc, dec turn (14)

6.DEC, 10dc, dec turn (12)

7.DEC, 8dc, dec, rotate (10)

8.DEC, 6dc, dec, rotate (8) finish.

for the back. ınc drop 16 loops, and fasten the thread, repeat the rows, magic ring for the front.

Connect both parts with a mop.

at the top of the panties, fasten an ınc-knit of a different color and knit (3ch (magic ringк DC),ınc from DC, ınc omit 1), (3dc in 1, ınc omit 1) x repeat to end

Also tie all panties

* Insert the ribbon at the top of the panties and over the magic rings



2.12 ınc dc (24)

3. (1dc, ınc) to the end of the row

4. (2dc, ınc) to the end of the row

5. (3dc, ınc) to the end of the row

6.45ch, from the 2nd loop from the magic ring hook, knit ınc to the middle, then sc to the end chains

Inc drop 1 st at base and repeat 6th row over whole piece.

* Change color in the process of work

* Incite the wig to the head, decorate with the bowtie magic rings

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