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Amigurumi Lovely Angel Free Crochet Pattern

Hello dear Amigurumi Knitting Lovers
Today we share a free amigurumi crochet pattern for you. As you know, we share new amigurumi free patterns every day. master crochets, amigurumi gazelles, amigurumi bears, amigurumi pola, amigurumi pandas, amigurumi penguins, amigurumi giraffes, amigurumi lama, amigurumi pigs, amigurumi rabbit, amigurumi clowns, amigurumi dolls, amigurumi unicorn, amigurumi elephants, amigurumi unicorn , amigurumi hippos, amigurumi monkeys, amigurumi cats, amigurumi dogs and more…

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Today, the new daily crochet pattern Amigurumi Lovely Angel Free Crochet Pattern , I want to give you some information about this pattern;


 CROCHET HOOK 2,5mm ,3,0mm, 4,0mm







A- SALMON YarnArt JEANS Color 73 (for skin)

B- WHITE YarnArt JEANS Color 01 (for dress and shoes)

C- ECRUE TAHITI color 212 (for hair)

D- BLUE YarnArt JEANS color76 (you need a small amount of yarn. You can use a

different color by matching the ribbon color to it.

E- WHITE Schachenmayr Baby Smiles Lenja soft color 01002

SAVE EYES 6mm 2 pieces (if you decide to mount them instead of embroidering like in

the picture)

BUTTOM 8mm 1 pieces color white


TWO INSULATED WIRES 24 cm long (9,45inch)

ONE INSULATED WIRE 12,5 cm long (4,9 inch)


mr-magic ring

ch – chain

st- stitch

sc-single crochet

inc- increase (2 sc in one st)

dec- decrease (2 sc together)

sl st -slip stitch

hdc-half double crochet

hdc inc – 2hdc in one st

hdc dec -2 hdc together

dc – double crochet

dc inc – 2 dc in one st

dc dec – 2 dc together

tr – triple crochet

tr inc – 2 tr in one st

tr dec – 2 tr together

3tr – 3tr in one st

sctbl – single crochet through back loops only

sctfl – single crochet through front loops only

rnd- round

puff stitch

FBsc- front post single crochet

[….]x repeat instructions in brackets….times


Mark the first stitch of each round.

SHOES and LEGS (2 pieces)

Use yarn color B and hook 2,5 mm. Prepare two pieces of wire length. Remember to

bend the end of the wire making a loop.

Ch7. Insert the hook on second chain from the hook.

1 rnd sc5, 5inc (5 sc in one stitch),sc4,inc 16

2rnd inc,sc4,inc5,sc4,inc2 24

3 rnd sc24 24

4 rnd FBsc24 24

5 rnd sc24 (do a plastic insert to the shoe and place it inside) 24

6 rnd start at the middle of heel- sc7, 5dec, sc7 19

7 rnd sc5, 3dec3(3sc together 3 times) sc5 13

8 -9 rnd sc13 13

10 rnd change yarn color A, don’t cut white yarn, put the white thread

outside the piece* – sctbl13 ( trough back loop only)


11 rnd sc4,dec3,sc3 stuff and mount a longer wire 10

12-21 rnd sc10 10

Cut yarn and fasten off.

*pic 4-6 show how to make a plastic insole. Outline the sole on a piece of paper. Cut.

Place the paper sole on the fragments of plastic box and cut. Before placing inside, you

will need a cut to the correct size.

Back to 10 rnd to unworked loops (pic 10). Use yarn color B and hook 3,5mm.

10a rnd ch,sc13 13

10b rnd sc13,slst 14

Cut yarn and fasten off.

HANDS Use yarn color D and hook 2,5mm.

1 rnd magic ring sc6 6

2 rnd [sc2,inc]x2 8

3 rnd sc8 8

4 rnd sc, puff stitch, ch,sc6 (pic 5-6) 9

5 rnd sc9 stuff lightly and place the wire inside, remember to bend 9

the end of the wire in the shape of a loop. Mount the other

hand on the other end of the wire.

6 rnd dec,sc7 8

7-15 rnd sc8 8

Stuff lightly. Fasten off. Leave long thread.

BODY, HANDS and HEAD (as one piece)

Pic 11-13 show how to continue. Use Yarn color B and chook 2,5mm. Insert hook to reach

the middle of the inner side of the right leg, then make ch4 and join in the middle of inner

side of the left leg.

It’s important to make 32 sc.

Do not forget to firmly stuff the body while crocheting.

22 rnd ch4, sc 28 28

23 rnd sc28 28

24 rnd sc26 (stop in the middle of the back) 26

25 rnd [sc,inc]x3,sc16,[inc,sc]x3 34

26-29 rnd sc34 34

30 rnd [dec,sc2]x3,sc10,[sc2,dec]x3 28

31 rnd sc28 28

32 rnd sc,dec,sc22,dec,sc 26

33 rnd sc26 26

34 rnd sc2,dec,sc18 ,dec,sc2 24

35 rnd sc24 24

Stuff lightly. Fasten off. Leave long thread.

Go back to 34 rnd of the body and continue crocheting body and head.

Start at the middle of back doll. Please make sure that the hands are crocheted in the right


Use hook 2,5mm and yarn color D

35 rnd sc5,sc6 around hand, skip 2 sc at body and start crocheting

sc10,sc6 around hand, skip 2 sc at body an continue

crocheting body sc5 (pic 14)


36 rnd sc4,dec,sc4,dec,sc8,dec,sc4,dec,sc4 28

37 rnd sc4,dec,sc2,dec,sc8,dec,sc2,dec,sc4 24

38 rnd sc3,dec,sc2,dec2,sc2,dec2,sc2,dec,sc3 18

39 rnd sc,dec2,sc,dec,sc2,dec,sc,dec2,sc 12

40-41 rnd sc12 12

42 rnd [sc, inc]x6 18

43 rnd [sc2,inc]x6 24

44 rnd [sc3,inc]x6 30

45 rnd [sc4,inc]x6 36

46 rnd [sc5,inc]x6 42

47 rnd [sc6,inc]x6 48

48 rnd [sc7,inc]x6 54

49 rnd [sc8,inc]x6 60

50-56 rnd sc60 ( if you want ,mount safety eyes between rows 51-52 fife

stitches from the middle of face)


57 rnd [sc8,dec]x6 54

58 rnd [sc7,dec]x6 48

59 rnd [sc6,dec]x6 stuff firmly neck, the twisted wire must be in the

middle. Make two loops from the wire ends to the height of this

row (pic 17-18)


60 rnd [sc5,dec]x6 36

61 rnd [sc4,dec]x6 30

62 rnd [sc3,dec]x6 24

63 rnd [sc2,dec]x6 18

64 rnd [sc,dec]x6 12

Stuff firmly. Sew , fasten off.

Sew arms to the body(put together the stitches you skip at 35 rnd (pic 16).


Use pins to draw a hair line (pic 19-21).The length of each strand 32 cm=12,6 inch. Use yarn C.

Attach each strand the line with pins. Fold each strand in half and put loopy end through a stitch. Then put the ends through the loop and pull. Make two round around doll`s head. If you used a thinner yarn, you must repeat the more rounds .


If you have not used safe eyes, embroider them with a black embroidering floss between 52-53

row four stitches from the middle of face. Earlier, use the pins to mark the embroidery site. Pic 26


Embroider the nose in the middle of the face on the width of 2 st between 50-51row. Use a yarn color A


Ch25. Use yarn color B and hook 3,0mm.

Insert the hook on second chain from the hook.

1 rnd sc24, turn 24

2 rnd ch,[inc,3sc]x12 continue crocheting around 60

2-5 rnd sc60 60

6 rnd ch2,[puff,hdc]x30 (pic 26-28) 60

7 rnd ch3, [hdc,ch,skip one stitch]x29,slst in second chain 60

8-9 rnd sc60 60

10 rnd ch2,[puff,hdc]x30 60

11 rnd ch3, [hdc,ch,skip one stitch]x29,slst in second chain 60

12-13 rnd sc60 60

Cut yarn and fasten off.

Now attach last stitch in 1rnd pic 30. Use yarn color D and hook 3,00mm

1a rnd sc24, turn 24

2a rnd change yarn color B sc24 24

3a rnd sc5,ch8,skip2 stitch, sc10,ch8,skip 2 stitch,sc5 turn 36

4a rnd sc4,dec,sc6,dec,sc8,dec,sc6,dec,sc4 turn 32

5a rnd sc4,dec,sc4,dec,sc8,dec,sc4,dec,sc4 turn 28

6a rnd sc3,dec,sc3,dec,sc8,dec,sc3,dec,sc3 24

Continue crocheting around the edges. Make a loop for the button.

Inc,ch4,skip one row,sc5, slst(on the middle),sc6,inc,slst. Cut yarn and fasten off.


Use two yarns E and hook 4,00mm


1 rnd inc6 12

2 rnd [sc, inc]x6 18

3 rnd [dc2,dc inc]x6 24

4 rnd [dc3,dc inc]x6 30

5 rnd dec,sc8,dec,hdcdec ,dcdec, hdcdec,dec,sc8,dec 23

6 rnd dec,sc7,hdc,dc,tr,dc,hdc,sc7,dec 21

7 rnd sc4, hdc2,dc2,tr2,3tr(3 tr in one st),tr2,dc2,hdc2,sc4 23

8 rnd sc5, hdc2,dc2,tr5,dc2,hdc2,sc5 23

9 rnd sc8,hdc,dc,trc3,dc,hdc,sc8 23

Cut yarn and fasten off.

Sew wings together (pic 33) .

Mark the place on the backs with pins, where you sew the wings. They must fit in the opening of the dress (pic34-35).

Your Angel is ready!!!!

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