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Amigurumi Dog Free Crochet Pattern

For Shabaka we need

• Inc tying light and basic color

• Two buttons, large and a piece of ıncofilament, for attaching the neck. (Or cotter pins)

• Pair of peepholes.

• A small piece of white felt

• Filler.

• Needle for stitching, toning.


We start with a light color.

1r. 6sc into the ring (6).

2p. 6ınc. (12)

3p. (1sc, ınc) * 6 times (18)

4p. (2sc, ınc) * 6 times (24)

5r. 3sc, (ınc, 1sc) * 3 times, 6sc, (ınc, sc) * 3 times, 3sc. (30)

6p. 3sc, (ınc, 2sc) * 3 times, 6sb, (ınc, 2sc) * 3 times, 3sc. (36)

7p. 3sc, (ınc, 3sc) * 3 times, 6sc, (ınc, 3sc) * 3 times, 3sc. (42)

8 rubles-9 rubles 42sc.

10 rub. (6sc, ınc) * 6 times (48)

11 rubles-12 rubles 48sc.

13r. 20sc, ınc, 5sc, ınc, 5sc, ınc, 15sc. (51)

14 rubles-15 rubles 51sc.

16 rub. 20sc, ınc, 6sc, ınc, 6sc, ınc, 16sc. (54)

17 rubles-18 rubles 54sc. Change the thread to a dark color.

19 rub. 54sc.

20 rub. 7 sc, ınc, 13sc, (ınc, 3sc) * 5 times, 5sc, ınc, 7sc. (61)

21 rubles-25 rubles 61sc.

26r. 20sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 4sc, dec, 12sc. (56)

27r. 56sc.

28r. 29sc, dec, 7sc, dec, 16sc. (54)

29r. 54sc. At 9sc from the marker two rows higher, put a cotter pin between the posts, or

the ınbutton with the ıncwolf dressed in it. We stuff a little.

30r. (7sc, dec) * 6 times (48)

31r. (6sc, dec) * 6 times (42)

32 rub. (5sc, dec) * 6 times (36)

33 RUR (4sc, dec) * 6 times (30)

34 RUR (3sc, dec) * 6 times (24)

35 rub. (2sc, dec) * 6 times (18)

36 rub. (sc, dec) * 6 times (12) we fill.

37 RUR 6dec. Pull off the hole, break the thread and close it. Combing the detail.


Knit with dark ınc.

1r. 6sc ring

2p. 6ınc. (12)

3p. (1sc, ınc) * 6 times (18)

4p. (2sc, ınc) * 6 times (24)

5r. (3sc, ınc) * 6 times (30)

6p.-8p. 30sc.

9r. (4sc, ınc) * 6 times (36)

10 rub. 36sc.

11r. 3sc, (ınc, 2sc) * 4 times, 21sc. (40)

12 rubles-13 rubles 40sc.

14 rub. (3sc, ınc) * 4 times, 4sc, (dec, 2sc) * 4 times, 4sc. (40)

15 rub. 40sc.

16 rub. (sc, 3sc in one loop) * 2 times, 4sc, ınc, 2sc, ınc, 4sc, (3sc in one loop, 1sc) * 2 times, 20sc. (50) The convex part at the beginning of the breast part, on top of it

ınc we twist the head, or on a cotter pin, or ınc we pin the ınc fiber a little higher

bases, put the second button and ınc twist the head. We knit further.

 17 rub. 30sc, dec, 16sc, dec. (48)

18 rubles-19 rubles 48sc.

20 rub. (2sc, dec) * 3 times, 10sc, (dec, 2sc) * 3 times, 14sc.

21 rub. 42sc.

22 rub. (5sc, dec) * 6 times (36)

23 rub. (4p. Dec) * 6 times (30)

24 rub. (3sc, ınc) * 6 times (24) we fill

25 rub. (2sc, ınc) * 6 times (18)

26r. (1sc, dec) * 6 times (12)

27r. 6dec. Pull off the hole, break the thread, close it.


First, we mark where the corners of the mouth will be, and the point of the nose just above the base

knitting. We pull around the face, the thread will be our smile, then from

the points of the nose, we divide the muzzle in half. In these cases, the thread is on top. Later

do eye tightening. We mark the eyes and ın sew them by pulling them together, one

once we throw the thread over the bridge of the nose, so that our eyes still look

forward and not to the sides. Then we strengthen the smile, from the hole in the eye socket, the thread

inside, we introduce it into the corner of the mouth and so on several times, pulling the corner of the mouth to the eyes.

LEGS front (2 parts);

We start with light ınc

1r. 6sc ring

2p. 6ınc. (12)

3p. (sc, ınc) * 6 times (18)

4p. (2sc, ınc) * 6 times (24)

5p-6p 24sc.

77р.2sc, (dec, 1sc) * 3 times, 13sc. (21)

8 rubles-9 rubles 21sc.

10 rub. 2sc, 3dec, 12sc, (18)

11r. 18sc change thread to dark.

12 rubles 14 rubles 18sc.

15 rub. (1sc, dec) * 3 times, 9sc (15)

16 rub. 15sc.

17 rub. 3dec, 3sc, 3ınc, 3sc (15)

18 rub. 15sc.

19 rub. 2dec, 9sc, dec (12)

20 rub. 12sc.

21 rub. (1sc dec) * 3 times. (nine)

Fold in half and ınc knit sc. But look the row must look at

the toe of the foot, if not, make an offset. Leave a thread for sewing.

LLISa Patrikevna ISa Patrikev

LEGS rear (2 parts);

We knit light ınc

1r. 6sc ring

2p. 6ınc (12)

3p. (Sc, ınc) * 6 times (18)

4p. 2sc, 3ınc, 6sc, 3ınc, 4sc. (24)

5 rubles-8 rubles 24sc.

9p. 2sc, 3sc together, 10sc, 3 sc together, 6sc. (20)

10 rub. 20sc.

11r. 2sc, 3sc

together, 15sc. (18)

12 rubles-13 rubles 18sc.

14 rub. 2sc, 3sc

together, 13sc (16)

15 rubles-21 rubles 16sc.

22 rub. 10sc, 3sc together, 3sc. (14)

23 rub. 14sc.

24 rub. 9sc, 3sc together, 2sc. (12)

25 rub. 4sc, 3sc together, 4sc. (nine)

26r. 9sc. Fold in half, ınc tie sc, and leave thread for

ınc sewing, the row line should now be parallel to the foot.


We start one ear

light, we knit the second

one color.

1r. 6sc ring

2p. 6ınc. (12)

3p. (1sc, ınc) * 6 times (18)

4p. 18sc.

5p. (1sc, dec) * 6 times (12)

6p. 12sc. Change the thread to dark.

7 rubles-12 rubles 12sc Fold in half and ınc tie sc. Leave a thread for sewing.


We knit with a dark knit.

1r. 6sc into the ring.

2p. 6sc. (6)

3p. (1sc, ınc) * 3 times (9)

4p. 9sc.

5r. (2sc, ınc) * 3 times (12)

6p-9p 12sc.

10р. 1sc, 2dec, 2sc, ınc, 1sc, ınc,

2sc (12)

11r. 12sc.

12-13r. repeat 10 and 11p.

14 rubles-15 rubles 2dec, 2sc, 2ınc, 3sc. (12)

16 rub. 12sc fill leave thread for sewing.


 Now we collect, comb the details, tint, cut out pieces

felt. Inc we glue them into the eye sockets, over the ınc we glue the eyes, glue the nose.

We incish the front legs, a little on the sides, (ınc preliminarily make

finger tightening). We sew the hind legs under the resulting thighs. And a ponytail.

Smile, Shabaka Ulybaka is ready !!

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